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Effective Ways to Measure the Success of Your ERP/CRM Implementation

Effective Ways to Measure the Success of Your ERP/CRM Implementation

The ERP project serves as the fundamental cornerstone facilitating business transformation. To measure the success of ERP/CRM Implementation projects, the focus should extend beyond the sole dimension of ROI, as ROI merely represents one visible consequence. Several other dimensions necessitate evaluation, including business models, customer and supplier relationships, and streamlined processes. To ensure the enduring delivery of substantial business value, identifying success metrics becomes paramount in assessing the triumph of an ERP project.

The Correlation Between Top ERP Performance Metrics And Business Goals

How can you tell if your new business goals are successful? The best way is to choose specific markers called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your progress and results.

For instance, if your goal is ERP/CRM Implementation, some examples of goals and KPIs could be:

Cycle Time

In simple terms, cycle time is like the heartbeat of manufacturing companies. It’s a really important thing they keep an eye on. Cycle time tells us how quickly they can take an order from a customer and deliver the finished product. When cycle time is fast, it means different parts of the company are working well together and everything is running smoothly.

Demand Forecast Analysis

After setting up an ERP System, it’s crucial to measure how well it predicts demand for your business. A good ERP System should use past trends to estimate future demand accurately. It’s best if the ERP system can continuously monitor the forecasts and track their progress. This way, you can assess the success of your business with more confidence.

Improve Customer Experience  

Having a great customer experience is really important for your business to keep doing well. To make it better, set clear goals for your ERP Services to improve the areas where you face problems with customers. For example, if your satisfaction ratings are low, decide on a target percentage to increase satisfaction after implementing changes. Also, think about how your technology and implementation plan will support those improvements.

KPIs to Track Include: 

  • Customer ratings 
  • Repeat customers 
  • Call response time 
  • Customer complaints 
  • Customer churn 

Enhance Sales Performance 

Lots of companies use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to improve their sales performance and seize opportunities. To track their progress effectively, they set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that focus on important sales metrics. These metrics show how well they’re doing in sales.

  • Average order size 
  • Average profit margin per sale 
  • Percent of lost sales 

Use these KPIs to figure out how the new capabilities will make things better, and see if you need to adjust your processes for a successful outcome.

Labour Benefits

Many companies don’t fully realize how much the ERP platform affects their employees, who are the ones using the system. Are employees happy with the new process? Does ERP help them get more done in less time? Have companies become better at managing their workforce because of ERP?

Improve Profits  

In simple terms, a new ERP system is designed to help businesses grow and make more money. It should enable you to increase your returns on investment, boost revenue, and achieve tangible profits.

  • Use up-to-date data to make better business decisions.
  • Spot and fix inefficiencies in your operations to save money.
  • Reduce IT spending compared to your old setup.
  • Analyze profitability and find less profitable areas.
  • Increase efficiency with improved resource visibility.
  • Enhance forecasting for better planning.


Introducing a new ERP/CRM Implementation is a big task. Even for tech-savvy companies, making sure it’s done right and leads to measurable success can be challenging. The key to succeeding is finding the right partner to guide you through the entire process. They’ll help set up goals (KPIs), measure progress, and ensure the system smoothly goes live and grows with your business.

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